800 Days and counting

On the 800th day of Julian Assange’s incarceration and his continued psychological torture in solitary confinement, Dr. Deepa Driver – Academic and Free Speech Campaigner, Brian Vickery – Libertarian Assange Campaigner, and Dan Liddicott – Independent Libertarian Campaigner come together, in a Guest Forum, to explore why Wikileaks is so important, and why the response of complicit States seeks to punish and deter whistleblowers and Julian Assange in particular.

LibertyForAssange is a libertarian campaign for the release of Julian Assange, that seeks to work with other like minded campaigns from across the political spectrum. The implications of Julian’s continued incarceration should be a concern to us all.

Links referenced in the discussion:-…/nils-melzer-about-wikileaks……/f2467447-f5a8-45c9…