Joe Biden’s Persecution of Julian Assange | The American Conservative

Trevor Timm, founder of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, told the London court that if the United States successfully prosecuted Assange, it “would criminalise every reporter who received a secret document whether they asked for it or not.” The U.S. indictments suggested that Assange alone was encouraging people to illegally disclose classified information by publishing a list of most wanted leaks, but that was simply not correct, Timm said in a written statement. He added that if journalists could be charged with “conspiring” with sources to obtain newsworthy information for publication, that precedent would fundamentally alter public discourse. The Justice Department’s rationale essentially would give “a carte blanche to those in power to prosecute whomever they want, whenever they want, even foreigners living halfway around the world.”A statement from Amnesty International was especially blunt. “This hearing is the latest worrying salvo in a full-scale assault on the right to freedom of expression. If Julian Assange is prosecuted it could have a chilling effect on media freedom, leading publishers and journalists to self-censor in fear of retaliation,” said Amnesty International’s Europe Director, Nils Muižnieks. “If Julian Assange is extradited it will have far reaching human rights implications, setting a chilling precedent for the protection of those who publish classified information in the public interest.”

Source: Joe Biden’s Persecution of Julian Assange | The American Conservative