Julian Assange and the culture of revenge – Pearls and Irritations

In a saga of cruelty towards a gifted whistleblower, publisher and journalist, diverse actors have jostled to be on stage, have been eager to promote their roles in attacking Assange, or have been massively indifferent to his achievements and plight.

US, UK, Swedish, Ecuadorean and Australian governments have been complicit, the US by taking years to concoct seventeen espionage charges, the UK by complying with US demands, pursuing Julian even by laying siege to a foreign embassy.

Appearing on stage occasionally, a Swedish prosecutor wanted to prosecute Assange on alleged sexual assault charges. She acted within the context of a Swedish political contest and with apparent prompting from big brother who wanted Assange kept in the Ecuadorean Embassy and then in a British maximum security prison.

In a David v. Goliath contest, an Ecuadorean ambassador and government began by displaying significant courage and respect for Julian’s human rights, but when a new government took power in Ecuador and needed financial patronage from the US, the culture of revenge reappeared. Assange was manhandled from Ecuador’s London embassy.

Source: Julian Assange and the culture of revenge – Pearls and Irritations