“If you want peace, be prepared to fight.”

John Shipton
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In this interview, Pete McCormack from the Defiance podcast talks to John Shipton, Julian’s father, an anti-war activist who has been campaigning to drop the extradition charge and see his son freed. He discusses John & Julian’s relationship, Julian’s ongoing case and the impact of WikiLeaks.

LibertyForAssange was pleased to help initiate this insightful, motivational and beautifully spoken discussion. In addition to talking about the relationship between John Shipton and his son Julian Assange there is a wide-ranging discussion on the corruption of Hilary Clinton and the Clinton foundation and the rule of law and how this should apply to our government as well as the people.

Pete McCormack gives Julian’s father plenty of space to explore what the British government is doing in our name.

Recommended listening.

Listen to the Defiance podcast here.