Patriotism is not about standing up occasionally and flying a flag.

Patriotism means, no demands that we stand up to our government when it tramples on our rights as citizens.

Liberty, freedom of speech, rule of law and a free press, these are the bedrock for any civilised nation.

Without the truth how are able to judge the actions of our governments?

Without a free press how do we hold our government to account?

Without freedom of speech and confidence in our justice system how are we to resolve our differences peacefully?

As a patriotic Englishman I am deeply ashamed by the decade long persecution of Julian Assange by my nation.

The British justice system our last bastion against tyranny and long respected for it’s independence has allowed itself to be bent to the demands of a foreign power.

Government ministers who have the audacity to lecture other nations on freedom of the press, whilst imprisoning a journalist for publishing truthful information on the war crimes of a foreign nation.

Members of parliament who with a few honourable exceptions have remained silent as this blatant attack on the freedom of the press and rule of law takes place.

Journalist’s who again with honourable exceptions have either remained silent or even worse joined in the attack on Julian Assange and hence our right to the truth.

We are better than this.

If you are a patriot, if you love your country I appeal to you to stand up and help end this stain on our nations reputation, to end this miscarriage of justice.

Let us end this persecution of Julian Assange for giving us the truth.

Brian Vickery

Libertarian Party