What about…..

Often when campaigning for the release of Julian Assange somebody will immediately bring up the Swedish investigation. I always prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt, as Nils Melzer the UN Rapporteur on Torture has said;

If you think Julian Assange a narcissist, a rapist, a hacker.

It is not your fault, you have been deceived.

If you don’t know that you are being deceived, the deception is working”

Audio of Nils Melzer the UN Rapporteur on Torture explaining how he himself was also deceived at first;

Any misconceptions on the Sweden smears should be put to bed by reading through Nils Melzer’s in depth interview published in REPUBLIK.

Link to REPUBLIK A murderous system is being created before our very eyes

Denial of reality

Nils Melzer has spoken of what he calls “a denial of reality” How is it possible for people living in mature democracies like the UK, US and Sweden to not be able to see the corruption of our justice system and the attack on our liberties?

These are not cruel or heartless people but they struggle to resolve the discrepancies between the values that we profess to uphold as a nation and the reality of what is being done to Julian Assange in our name.

I would describe this as cognitive dissonance;

Civilised nations don’t torture journalists

We are a civilised nation

Therefore we can’t be torturing Julian Assange

I would suggest that attacking the type of individuals above is self defeating. Try and give them the information so they can educate themselves in their own time. Another advantage is that if on social media they may not read the information but others may do so.

There is another type of individual though, I am sure many of us have come across them. They don’t read the information, they keep bringing up the same discredited arguments to deflect from the facts on what is going on in the extradition hearings. They waste a lot of our time and energy.

Possibly they work for the security state? or maybe they are jealous and have problems in the bedroom department? Or perhaps they are the type of person who tortured their pet when they were a child?

I’m afraid I am not wasting any more time on these individuals